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The Swirling Thoughts of an Overanalyst

13th March, 2009. 8:01 pm.

Unzipped Lips
Frightening Hips
Long legs that sail loose towards the bottom.

Trust me girl those legs’ll wobble for Weeks.
And that’s just me at Half my Mast and only 75 percent of the work.
Imagine me just Insert or Exert
Any more energy in any possible Fashion that involves my body and your tongue
Vice FUCKING Versa.

(touch my dobson)

28th September, 2007. 5:37 am. Take Off Your Pants.

Unzipped Lips
Frightening Hips
Long legs that sail loose towards the bottom.

Trust me girl those legs’ll wobble for Weeks.
And that’s just me at Half my Mast and only 75 percent of the work.
Imagine me just Insert or Exert
Any more energy in any possible Fashion that involves my body and your tongue
Vice FUCKING Versa.

(touch my dobson)

15th February, 2007. 2:21 am.

Im here now with my bottle of Black Listed Jack

Smacked up on smack

or wishin i was but man i can pretend

we can pretend

Why'd you pretend

Bitch woman girl where'd you take my world

Away with all those naysays you gave?

To that awful place you promised youd bring me if id ever touch another?

Well it don't matter anyhow

How im stuck here in the now wishin i was blissin on some


or some other downer that'll help me get away from me

And by the time this fifth is done so will you and I

I'm writing you a dear Jen letter that'll haunt till the day you die

Cuz Love never came in so many up down spurts

Love never came in that pretty packaged like TV promised Me

And you remember how you broke all the ones you made

Remember how you broke all the ones you made?

Well take it away

Bring it away

you are bringing me down

the cold is shouting it out

The night spent with cigarettes and frostbreath

The same night we Fucked till we hardly drew breath

woke up sore in the morning wishing for nothing more solid

Well i guess ya took all that away

Well i guess you took all that away

And in the morning i'll be out the door with our dog

all the pictures we'll be down around the foot of your bed

that note you'll see hanging where it used to be a face of you and me

Call it Emo

Call It Emo

Call It hurt

Dont make it Hurt

Well i got a sea sick feeling filling in the holes that used to be you

and i'm leaking apathy

And i'm shrinking inside of me

There's three things you never did

Lied Cheated or stole

but you broke every promise you ever told

You sold yourself short and did me in

But to you it was part of the process

I'm shrinking back to the easy days of Gold Star rewards and recess

and the innocence was never enough

The simple wasn't long enough

You were never enough

But now i realize you were never worth it Cause what you said made concrete

Every self-justification

All the lies said to my self

when in the real i wanted to be someone else

i wanted you to be someone else

I'm lying now

I'm always Lying now

I'll just lie down

with some other unlucky bitch

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21st December, 2006. 5:01 am. stshgf

Jealousy is Disgusting
As i've said
But it's a measure of care

It doesnt matter who did what
It doesnt matter when things changed
the only thing that matters is i hurt
for good reason

The only thing that matters is i'm hurting

friday is the day

(touch my dobson)

18th December, 2006. 5:35 am.

Roll Over Go To Sleep Die
It's what i want so tired but can't close eyes
She said "We Won't sleep right till this is all worked out."
words that were more right were never writed

But how come i'm here almost zombiefied
or much like a mummy
I'm wrapped up and hardly know what to do

I just want your bed with no lies
to just lie there without caring if anyone understands
I want Home
And i almost found it

Maybe home is in the heart
and the heart isn't there
Maybe it's all just in the head
Yeah man i'm hardly there

I'm just here wrapped up in confidence
but with dis-belief
i think i'll recover
will i ever?

I understand oh yes i do
I just don't understand why no one else can
It's almost unfair i am the only one
who can decipher your mental heiroglyphs
and strewn up lyrics

Afterall you're our spiritual saviour
but foremost and first we are friends
and the best of

That's really what matters here
but i hold the intimacy dear
so please don't break this delicate balance i've been trying to achieve

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18th December, 2006. 3:08 am.

Oh how it does it so

These swirling-going on's

Man life is so weird here

In the now i mean

Oh wow a whole new plataeu of understanding has subsumed me
or is it consumed?

"Who knows?" as i always say inadvertently

Now it's good though

all sorts of good and i'm just where i'm at

I swear this one beer is NOT affecting my judgement

(touch my dobson)

30th November, 2006. 6:17 am. Check Up On People

I am the PostOfficeGhost who knows the most
who raises a toast to this host who can boast and take a good roast
But who knows when it comes to humor and whats funnny
and who's really not
But it matters not i think so and not

If you look and read between the lines you'll know
of what i'm talking
Don't try to break it up or apart or down
Who cares who knows to care or who cares to know???

I don't
not all the time at least
i like to sit back think and stare
hand wrapped around a penny cost beer
So how do you think we can give or take in a
world where there's not enough to give
and you can't ever take

How satisfaction shot across loose skies
to show more than one world in the blink of all eyes
You can wish on it and wish for it to come true
but us as human beings with only self set boundaries
Can make due with debts and dues

So if you're up to it and can truly believe
that you can take control and magnetize beings
To yourself and self-others to then don that mantle
Show this weary stuck up in a rut run down world
Who you are and how much you got to give.

Open up your heart.
take a deep breath.
Don't forget to Live.

(touch my dobson)

30th November, 2006. 12:44 am. S-E-X Say It With Me

You see me now
All battered in the sex drive
I'm fucking myself with both hands
and doing it dry

Not because i want to
but because i havent had it
In Three-Hundred-And-Sixty-Five Suns

Well i'm here now without a cunt
Or even an ass
Lacking a mouth
Mine won't reach

How i wish i could fill a hole
One that isn't mocked with a hand
Taking pictures of me Fucking
All by myself

And nothing
Not anything
Is doing This Trick
Don't even have enough change
to make myself one

Don't have enough energy
To make myself Cum

But if there was a body here
almost anyone would do
I guarentee there would be nothing
That this beast in the sack
would not do

(touch my dobson)

30th November, 2006. 12:39 am.

Coffee Sip drink sip a bit more

Drink it up

but this one
right here
her not
about her

None of this is about chemicals
about me

So straighten up or i'll turn this car around
you ask how can i do such a thing
When i can't even drive

Well if you haven't noticed
I'm speaking metaphorically


sputter sputter

(touch my dobson)

3rd November, 2006. 3:07 am.

Breathing mystery
its really not so easy
you're really not so easy
Enigmatic only altogether Pragmatic

Something along the lines of
Waking up without ever goin to bed
sleeping all inside my head
breaking down and through
maybe just a bit down and out

I dont know
you dont seem to have the clue either
rockin back and forth through
its not so easy
i'm not so easy

Missing it amassing thoughts
ones that are linked to you
who's to say im the winner of this game?

(touch my dobson)

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